Tricia’s Journey of Self Discovery

In 2001 I founded StylishShe.

As the years passed I thought I was living the life of my dreams: raising my beautiful children, running my business, living my life.

But reflection is amazing, isn’t it?

With years behind me and wisdom gained I now look back over the span of these years and realize that little by little, year by year, I slipped away from me.


Who I was.


What I wanted.


What I needed.


My dreams.


My goals.


My aspirations.


I got lost.


I was gone.


And I was oblivious… to my abandonment of self.


The day my husband said “I’m not happy.” was like a sledgehammer shattering my perfect life. At that moment the life I knew was over. On that day a part of me died, along with my marriage.


The many months, and sadly years, that followed were of complete wreckage. The unraveling of information was devastating. I was wounded and raw, trying to lick the wounds of my divorce road rash.

I was stripped of my life, my dignity and my happily ever after.


But for me this was NECESSARY.


With the passage of time and the gift of retrospection I realized that the hardest part wasn’t the divorce…


The hardest part was ME!


Healing me.


The chilling revelation that I had willingly abandoned my dreams and myself (what I thought was) for the good of my family was sobering.


I was wrong.


I was selfless, to the point of destruction.


The freefall of my existence began.


I was lost.


Searching for who I was.


What I wanted.


How I would rebuild.


This is when the real work began and I discovered the critical need for inner health:

Love, Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust & Truth.


I was determined to find my way, my path. ME.


The process has been all-encompassing and often paralyzing but what I know now is that there is much more to life and much more to me.

Months and months have passed and I am now years beyond my old life and the old me.

These have been hardest years of my life but devastation has given me, ME. It has inspired me to think differently and with that came the overwhelming need to speak to women – inside and out.

Up to this point in time I had the outside down; I was an image consultant and a clothing designer. But the outside is only half the story. The notion of taking my journey, experiences, knowledge and inspiration and sharing it forward was the missing piece. So simple.

My purpose now is to uncover self love and strength in myself and to help other women do the same.

That is how InspireShe was founded.

With both StylishShe and InspireShe it’s full circle. Empowering woman, inside and out.


So with that I present to you my journey of self discovery. My path of healing & building, strength & truth.


I am still on my path, continuing my journey of self & truth. I share with you my resources – my bag of tricks that helped and continue to heal and build me.

Take what resonates with you and seek out others that will fulfill your journey of self-discovery and truth.