To Inspire Courage – Carnelian

_D1A5071 copyRed copyThe intent of the To Inspire Courage necklace is to foster courage, belief of self and inner-healing.

Its properties are bravery, vitality, stability, independence and endurance.

Gift to Self

The To Inspire Courage necklace represents Courage with the adornment of a carnelian gemstone. When you find the courage to trust yourself, be true to yourself and stand up for yourself you begin your journey of self-belief and inner healing. 

Gifting Courage

Gifting the To Inspire Courage necklace is a meaningful way to incite courage and bravery in another. It makes a beautiful gift for anyone being bullied or powered over or for someone going through a difficult time such as divorce. It also is a meaningful representation of strength when someone is faced with an intimidating challenge such as a new job or a life change.

Necklaces are sterling silver and are offered in two lengths:

Throat – 16 inches to encourage speaking your truth. This length works well for most, including teens and younger girls. Begin the intent of healing young. Support strong, inspired girls.

Heart – 29 inches to encourage healing at the source.


Wear the To Inspire Courage necklace and know that you are supported.

Move forward toward truth and love.


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