Tattoo My Heart

Some people get tattoos the traditional way,

but that wasn’t my way.


As I move through my journey of self discovery there are times that are harder than others. When I hit road blocks that paralyzed me, I always find strength in words.

Words are powerful to me. They speak to me. They guide me. So it is no surprise that they would heal me, too.  I’ve often thought about getting a tattoo to symbolize my journey, although getting a permanent tattoo doesn’t feel right for me. But words do…


So one day I took a permanent marker and wrote in large, bold letters over my heart, “Trust.”


It felt empowering.

It made me feel strong.


I was making a statement to myself by branding my heart – telling the universe what I wanted, what I needed. I loved that it was private. I loved that it wasn’t permanent. I loved that my intent could change as often as I needed it to.


Sometimes I would trace over each letter, day after day, until I didn’t need it anymore. Some days I needed a second word written on top of the first – Trust and Power. I loved that it was fluid, moment to moment and exactly what my heart needed. I was listening. Empowering myself. Trusting myself. I felt powerful.


During times when I’ve felt stuck, tattooing my heart has helped me hone in on the challenge at hand. Some days I used a marker, other days an ink pen or highlighter. The writing utensil doesn’t matter much, only the message.