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To Inspire Forgiveness


The intent of the To Inspire Forgiveness necklace is to foster clarity, balance and tranquility.

Its properties are amplifying, strength, beauty and health.

Gift to Self

The To Inspire Forgiveness necklace represents Freedom with the adornment of a crystal quartz gemstone. When you forgive yourself or forgive another you find clarity which amplifies your journey of healing,  growth and inner-freedom.

Gifting Forgiveness

Gifting the To Inspire Forgiveness necklace is a powerful way to encourage someone to let go of the anger and resentment in their life and find the freedom of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is crucial to inner-health and tranquility. Teaching, promoting and encouraging forgiveness and gratitude is a gift in itself.

The To Inspire Forgiveness and To Inspire Gratitude necklaces have strongly related intentions. When worn together their message is very powerful.

Necklaces are sterling silver and are offered in two lengths:

  • Throat – 16 inches to encourage speaking your truth. This length works well for most, including teens and younger girls. Begin the intent of healing young. Support strong, inspired girls.

  • Heart – 29 inches to encourage healing at the source.

Wear the To Inspire Forgiveness necklace and know that you are supported.

Move forward toward truth and love.

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Crystal Quartz (clear)