Packing For The Journey

Just as you would pack for a trip, it is important that you pack for your journey of self. You are embarking on a new path, a new way, a new you. Let’s get started.

Compass – Pointed due north.

Nourishment - Books, music, meditation, exercise, affirmations, journaling. Anything that feeds your soul!

Hydration – Drink your own Cool-Aid.

Rest – Time set aside for you to rejuvenate.

Fly Swatter – For the nay-sayers.

Bug Repellant - To repel negativity.

Blinders – To stay focused, and therefore moving, forward.

Tissues – In case of tears.

Crutches – If you stumble you’ll have positive friends to lean on.

Seek out quiet – This is your time to really listen to your heart and your gut.

Expect some bumps and rough terrain along the way. Also watch out for beautiful views and self-accomplishment.