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Tricia Mahoney is the founder and SheEO of PowerShe, the parent company of StylishShe and InspireShe. PowerShe offers initiatives for women such as finance, networking and entrepreneurship. Ms. Mahoney built the company on the platform of helping women empower themselves via image and style: StylishShe, and inner healing and strength: InspireShe.

Mahoney’s career began in high-tech marketing working at powerhouses such as TFA/Leo Burnett and CMGI during the apex of the high-tech/Internet explosion. In 2001 she decided to follow her passion and founded StylishShe, a home-event based jewelry business. The StylishShe brand expanded and Ms. Mahoney was featured in a number of broadcast news stories, newspaper, magazine and online articles.

This success propelled the launch of StylishShe’s Image Consulting services; the image side of PowerShe. In 2012 Ms. Mahoney designed and created an exclusive line of women’s apparel and, combined with her team of stylist, offers support to women of all shapes, sizes and ages with their fashion, image and style needs.

InspireShe, the inner healing side of PowerShe, was born from Mahoney’s desire to help women find inner truth: who you are and what you believe in. InspireShe is the destination for women to find support, resources and products to assist them in their personal journey of discovery.

The flagship InspireShe product offering, The InspireShe Jewelry Line, includes necklaces that have one of seven stones to inspire healing and personal growth.

Ms. Mahoney has a BA in Business and over twenty years experience in both the business and fashion industries. She has written for CBS as a style correspondent and has spoken at both New York University and Boston University.

Ms. Mahoney’s drive is fueled by her passion to empower women to be their best inside and out and to find their voice and true self. PowerShe gives women the the tools and support they need to reach their goals. This transformation is reflected in increased confidence, purpose and empowerment which ultimately impacts their relationships, attitude and approach to life.

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