The InspireShe Jewelry Line

Healing on the Inside

The InspireShe Necklaces foster healing and building on the inside. Each Sterling Silver necklace features one of seven stones. Each of the seven stones represents an intent for individual healing and buliding.


Necklaces are offered in two lengths:

16 inch – At the throat to speak your truth.

29 inch – At the heart to heal at the source.


Options when purchasing:

SELF – Customers can purchase a necklace for themselves to inspire their own healing and building.

OTHER – Customers can buy and gift a necklace to inspire healing and building in another.



To Inspire Love – Rose Quart

To Inspire Strength – Amethyst

To Inspire Courage – Carnelian

To Inspire Gratitude – Citrine

To Inspire Forgiveness – Crystal Quartz

To Inspire Trust – Pearl

To Inspire Truth – Mother of Pearl