We inspire women to find their truth, voice & true self.

Too often women are judged solely on outward appearances:

What they look like.

What size they wear.

Are they pretty enough.

This, however, is only half of the picture; half of the woman.

We empower women on the inside. Healing & building, strength & truth.


About InspireShe

InspireShe focuses on healing and fostering health on the inside. We empower women to find their voice and true self. InspireShe will be a destination for women to find support, resources and products to assist them in their personal journey of discovery.


InspireShe Jewelry Line

The InspireShe jewelry line focuses on healing on the inside. Each Sterling Silver necklace features one of seven stones. Each of the seven stone represents an intent:
  1. To Inspire Love – Rose Quartz
  2. To Inspire Strength – Amethyst
  3. To inspire courage – Carnelian
  4. To inspire Gratitude – Citrine
  5. To Inspire Forgiveness – Clear Quartz
  6. To Inspire Trust – Pearl
  7. To Inspire Truth – Mother of Pearl
Necklaces are offered in two lengths:
  1. Throat length (16”) – so you can speak your truth – $47.00
  2. Heart length (29″) – so you can heal at the source – $57.00